KITH CONTINUES COLLABORATION WITH HERITAGE BRAND RUSSELL ATHLETIC – Kith partners with Russell Athletic to present a 96- style collection that combines Kith’s penchant for quality with Russell’s iconic heritage. Ronnie Fieg’s nostalgia of retro athletics and love for quality fleece set the foundation for Kith to work with Russell, the originators of the first sweatshirt. Kith developed a special 14oz cotton fleece that was custom-milled in the US to properly achieve a high quality OG feel. Four of Russell’s original silhouettes are used as the base for the collection – a hoodie, crewneck, tee shirt, and short. Paying homage to vintage Russell catalogues where customers would be shown a large grid of colour swatches that each style was available in, Kith has designed each silhouette in four shades of six different colours. These colours include Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black, each of which features overdyed, OG, pastel, and vintage shades, thus telling a robust colour story. Each style is also limited to only 100 units